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An Ayurvedic Bathing Powder

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(For all types of skin, used as Udhwartana/scrub to wash face and body skin)

1 What is Deo Bath?

: Deo Bath is an Ayurvedic Bathing powder of 14 Ayurvedic potent herbs which are good for all types of skins and proven their efficacy from good old Era of ancient India.

2 How to use Deo Bath?
: Take a clean bowl and as per the required quantity take Deo Bath powder in it. Add sufficient amount of pure water in it to make it semisolid consistency (in case of very dry skin; milk or fresh milk cream can be used) and then it is utilized as scrub or pack on desired skin part.

3 How to apply Deo Bath?
: Once it gets semisolid consistency, apply it gently on the face or other parts of the body skin and rub it gently with hands in ‘Anuloma’ direction (opposite to direction of skin pores and hairs distributed on body) do it for few minutes(5 to 8 minutes) and rinse it off with water.

4 Is there any other way of application of Deo Bath?
: It can be used as face pack; that is paste is applied on face and once it get dried it is rinsed off, or also it is used dry powder as a scrub in Udhwarthana(powder massage)

5 What are the benefits of Deo Bath?
: Removes skin debris(dirt, old skin, sebum clogs etc), Restores skin tone and vanishes wrinkles, Restores and Improves skin complexion and removes extra oily appearance and odour from skin.

6 Within how many applications its benefits are observed?
: Right from first application one can observe its benefits on skin and highly recommended for infective skin conditions like Acne.

7 Whether it can be used for whole body?
: Yes, one can use Deo Bath powder for bath as a scrub instead of any bathing soap, and it has always added more advantages over soaps containing harmful chemicals.

8 Is it suitable for all age groups and genders?
: Yes, Its is suitable for all skin types including new born babies to old age , and for both the genders , but some individual with allergic tendency  may show allergic reactions; in that case it is recommended to discontinue and seek doctors advise.

9 What are the Precautions to be taken while applying Deo Bath?
: Avoid eyes as it is in powder form its particles may irritate eyes, do not rub with more pressure it may damage skin by rubbing action, do not use on mucosal membrane (lips, genitals and open wounds)

10 What are the extra points to be considered while using Deo Bath?
: Do not spill water inside Deo Bath container to avoid microbial growth inside, keep container in dry and cool place, and always prepare fresh paste to get desired benefit and to avoid spoilage of powder.


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