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An Ayurvedic Bathing Powder

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(Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine)
Instant Muscle and Joint Pain Reliever
* For External Application Only

1.What is Rid Oil?

: Rid oil is an Ayurvedic external liniment.

2. What are the indications of RID oil ?

: All types of joints pains like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Spondylitis(Cervical and Lumbar), Muscular sprains and stiffness.

3. What are the ingredients of RID Oil ?

: Rid is derived from Ayurvedic ingredients like Gandhapura tailam, Tailparna tailam, Sarja and Putiha satva.

4. How to use RID Oil ?

:1 to 2 ml (approximately 20 to 40 drops) of RID oil should be applied on affected inflamed area and very gentle rubbing should be done till oil get absorbed.

5. How many times it should be applied ?

: Usually it is suggested to apply twice or thrice in a day, depending on severity of pain one has to apply it frequently. Regular usage will stop pain instantly and gradually heal the inflammation.

6. What are the contraindications ?

: RID oil shouldn’t be used on open wounds, near eyes, near mucosal skin junctions (Genitals, Anus, lips etc.) and skin infections as it may produce severe irritation and burning sensation. The person is having sensitivity to any of its ingredients shouldn’t use it.

7. What are the adverse effects of RID Oil ?

:There are no adverse effects reported but in case of sensitive skin for it’s ingredients it may produce burning sensation, blisters, and redness of skin. In this case one has to discontinue the use and seek medical advice. And also to be reported to company’s Customer care.   

8. What happens if anyone accidentally consumes RID oil.

: It is not for internal usage it is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, but in case if it is accidentally consumed? It may produce adverse symptoms like burning sensation of GI tract, Vomiting. It may produce ulcers in GI tract and bleeding, in such case immediately get medical advice and should be treated under medical supervision.


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