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Shalmali Rasayan

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Package Size - 200ml bottle

Shalmali Rasayan is a very ancient formulation told in Ayurveda and till date it was not in focus, Progen Research Lab an Ayurvedic GMP certified pharmaceuticals have launched it first time in the market. It is one of the best Rasayan(Anti Oxidants) described in Ayurvedic scriptures.

1 What are the contents of Shalmali Rasayan?
It contains Shalmali and Khanda Sharkara(Candy Sugar) in a appropriate quantity.

2 What are the benefits of Shalmali Rasayan?
As mentioned above it is one of the best Rasayan(Anti Oxidant) told in Ayurveda. Human body is made up of major seven dhatu(Systems and tissues) - Rasa(lymph), Rakta(Blood), Mamsa(Muscles), Meda(Fats and lipids) Asthi(Bones), Majja(Bone marrow and nervous tissue) and Shukra (sperm and ovum). The Shalmali Rasyan acts on all seven tissues and maintain their equilibrium.

It has special properties of reducing excess body heat and producing cooling effect in summer season and vice versa in season of winter.

It relieves the stress and strain on mind and body.

It is found excellent antacid, relieves burning sensation in stomach and chest, headache and relaxes body very soon.

3 What is the dosage of Shalmali Rasayan?
10 to 20 ml (2 to 4 Tea Spoon full) with double quantity of water, twice or thrice in a day after food.

4 What are the side effects or adverse effect of Shalmali Rasayn.?
No side effects or adverse reactions are reported.

5 What are the contra indications?
Children below five years of age and the patients of Diabetes Mellitus with uncontrolled sugar level should not consume it regularly but occasionally they can consume it. Except these there are no other contraindications.

6 What are the additional benefits of Shalmali Rasayan?
Produces enthusiasm and vigor in all age groups and genders.

Controls viral infections like cold, fever etc.

Corrects diseases of unknown cause like burning of urine, white discharge in women, night emissions of semen in males, irritable bowel syndrome etc.


7 Whether it can be taken with other medicines for general diseases?
Yes, it can be consumed while consuming other medicines but only it should not be taken along with it; it should be consumed after leaving 1 hour gap. In case of severe disorders it should be consumed under medical supervision only.

8 How many days it should be consumed?
It should be consumed regularly to maintain health of body and mind.

Manufactured and marketed in India by Progen Research Lab, Belgaum, Karnataka.
Contact +91 831 4207560.


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