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Suvarna Vachadi Yog

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Package Size :- 5ml droper bottle

It is an Ayuvedic good old formula described in one of the very old texts of Ayurveda, named Astang Hridaya. This formulation is recommended for new born babies, right from first day of birth to fifth year. It gives enough immunity to the child to withstand developing age ailments. It improves the physical strength, intelligence and skin complexion and boosts memory power which makes the child able to face the stresses and strains of modern competitive life style.

It has been observed that day by day the morbidity (falling sick) in children is increasing. Many times causes of morbidity are unknown. The reasons may include change in life style, food lacking in nutritional factors, lack of exercise of mother during pregnancy, pollution etc. these factors play major role in children’s morbidity. To counteract such problems our ancient sages of Ayurveda have described many remedies in their scriptures. Suvarna Vachadi Yog is one of such formulae described in ancient literature of Ayurveda.

Ingredients: S.V. Yog (Suvarn Vachadi Yog): It is a mixture of Suvarna Bhasma (Authentically prepared Ayurvedic classical medicine) , Vacha Churna (Root of Acorus calamus), Kaidharya (Murraya koenigii) and Madhu(Honey)    
Dosage: 2 to 6 drops daily.
Anupan : Desi Ghee (preferably cow’s ghee)

  • S.V. Yog acts best when administered with 2 drops of desi ghee.

Indications and benefits: It is indicated in the infants for development of immunity power, Intellectual power and skin complexion.
Regular consumption of this formula for one year will built up the physical strength and intelligence in new born infants which makes it able to withstand the stress of life style.

  • To whom is it Beneficial?

: New born baby to Child of 5 years age.

  • What is the recommended dose?

: For new born to 6 months old baby, 1 drop of S.V. Yog daily.
: From 6 months to 1 year old baby, 2 drops of S.V. Yog daily.
: From 1 year to 5 years old child, 4 to 6 drops of S.V. Yog daily.

  • How to Administer?

: Shake the bottle vigorously till sediments (settled mixture of suvarna bhasma) visible at the bottom of the bottle get mixed with honey (Preferably 21 times). Then open the cap and put the prescribed drops in baby’s mouth. This should be administered preferably in morning time.

  • What are the additional benefits?

: Improves speech, Proper development of all senses, Subject grasping will be quick. Strengthens the bones and muscle tissues, Gains weight.


  • What are the unwanted and harmful effects of this Yog?

: Up to day no harmful or unwanted effects were reported neither in original texts nor in the present era.  If it is put in very excess quantity (more than 20 drops at a time) then once or twice loose motions or vomiting may occur.

  • How it works?

: Gold is said to be best tonic for human being. It has ability to interfere with genetics. That is why genetical deformities won’t pass in next generations if gold is consumed in a proper scientific manner. It is best for new tissue development. When Gold is converted into bhasma as prescribed in Ayurvedic literature it posses following properties.

Swarna Bhasma has moisturizing and unctuous effect on body, it is sweet, rejuvenative, Tonic, improves complexion, improves vigour, detoxifies body, anti fever and very useful in Intestinal weakness.

Even scientifically it has been proved that Suvarna Bhasma posses many activities like anti oxidant, antidepressant, anti rheumatoid, nervine stimulant

 :Vacha (Acorus calamus) is known for its memory boosting property and also plays important role in development of nervine tissue.  From ancient times it has been used in traditional medicines. Good old vaidyas always mention its use against evil spirits or supernatural bad powers.

:Kaidharya(Murraya koenigii) is good for digestion, eliminates intestinal worms, improves metabolism and  taste.

: Honey and Ghee are said to be adjuvant or vehicles which help the ingredients to reach their target organs in body and also play nutritive role but in a minute form.

  • Is it a Vaccination?

: No it is not a vaccination; vaccination is done to produce resistance towards specific known infections. But this S.V. Yog boosts child’s own immune system.

  • Can it be a substitute for vaccination which comes under immunization schedule?

: No it is not a substitute for immunization schedule, it is specially recommended for healthy development of body and brain which also takes care of unknown causes of frequently falling ill.

  • Can it be used along with Vaccination?

: Yes, It can be used along with vaccination only it should not be given on same day when vaccination is done and never is reported with any adverse drug reactions if it is practiced as described above.

  • Can it be administered in sick babies?

: Yes it can be, but under the supervision of medical practitioners only.
*For the reference of registered medical practitioners
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